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Pakistan Center for Philanthropy

Association of Pakistani Professionals
Board of Investment Covt. of Pakistan
Export Processing Zone Authority

:: NCHD to Re-Open around 100 Feeder Schools in Swat, Malakand

:: NCHD Releases Update on Relief Operations for IDPs

:: Special Cell to Promote Adult Literacy in Province

:: Nafisa Shah Assumes Charge as NCHD Chairperson

:: NCHD to Extend All-Out Support to IDPs

:: NCHD Team Visits Camps in Mardan

:: NCHD to Need PC-1 for Fund Allocations

:: Govt. Pledges to Boost NCHD Programs

:: NCHD gets one more year
:: Special Committee on NCHD Formed

:: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

:: The Good that Men Do

:: NCHD’s Literacy Program is achieving its targets

:: Pakistan Cricket Board responds to News column allegations

:: An Investment in the Future of the World

:: Bill Gates Foundation pledges $6½M to health & education

:: Pharmaceutical tycoon backs NCHD

:: Anarkali’s impressive Hollywood debut

:: Making Pakistan a model for human development




Feb 08: Is Pakistan Next on the Chopping Block?

Jan 09: Things Are Clearly Getting from Bad to Worse


Dec 19: Very Little "Soft Power" from USA Reaching the Poor Villagers in Pakistan

Nov 21: Many Countries Would Greatly Benefit If Pakistan Disintegrates

Nov 02: Pigeons that Started Coming Back to Pakistan Have All Flown Away

Oct 24: If the Current Trend Is Not Timely Arrested

Sep 12: Progress in Pakistan 2008

Aug 15: Progress in Pakistan 2008

Jul 04: Is OBL Being Saved for Another Time Another Place Called Pakistan?

Jun 20: What Many Expatriates Like Me Would Like to Know

May 09: United States Invasion of Iraq Is a Failure

Apr 08: Pakistan's Leadership Has Option to Move in Two Opposite Courses

Mar 14: Most Critical and Powerful Resource to Take Pakistan Forward

Feb 15: U.S. and Israel Have a Small Window of Opportunity

Jan 18: Pakistanis Are Their Own Worst Enemies


Dec 21: Pakistan Needs to Build Quality Institutions

:: Pervaiz Lodhie: "Mr. President, You Can Save the 21st Century from Doomsday"

:: November 2002 - The World's Top Stock Market Is Pakistan

:: November 13, 2002 - Gas Pipeline Deal for Pakistan

:: November 7, 2002 - "Praise for Pakistan Economy"

:: September 27, 2002 - Pervaiz Lodhie: "Making Pakistan a Model for Human Development"

:: September 5, 2002 - Asian Gas Pipeline Project

:: September 5, 2002 - Human Development Programme Launched.

:: August 27, 2002 - Karachi: "Mou Signed for $1.2bn Magnetic Train"

:: August 23-25, 2002 - APSENA Moot Addresses All-Important Question

:: August 23-25, 2002 - APSENA Conference in Wichita, Kansas

:: August 13, 2001- Makran Coastal Highway Project

:: July 28, 2002 - Gwader Port Project and Its Future as Bigger than Dubai

:: July 20, 2002 Trans-Afghan Pipeline to be Planted Firmly

:: July 20, 2002 - Musharraf: "Human Development to Be Anchor of Economic Revival Program"

:: July 20, 2002 - Commission for Human Development to Be Set Up

:: July 20, 2002 - President Promulgates Ordinance to Establish NCHD

:: The Loss of Daniel Pearl

:: History in the Making

:: LEDtronics, Inc. Donates Computers to School in Karachi, Pakistan

:: April 30, 2001 Conference

:: LEDtronics, Inc. Provides Long-Term Solutions to the Energy Crises

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