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November 19, 2006. Southern California InFocus
MCAC. FBI meets with Muslims, others

November 20, 2006. The Orange County Register
MCAC. FBI reaches out to community leaders

September 28, 2005. Embassy Of Pakistan
Congressman Bilirakis Joins the Pakistan Caucus


September 10, 2005. The Satyrday Post

Rendezvous: Aisha Chapra


August 22, 2005. Dawn-The Internet Edition

American investors want IPRs, taxes, image issues addressed

July 19, 2005. E-Commerce Times
Open Letter to Pakistan President Musharraf

July 15, 2005. The News
Bill Gates says he will visit Pakistan

July 12, 2005. Pakistan Link
SMW-3 Internet Cable Damage: Pakistan’s PTCL Satellite Backup Satisfactory

July 3, 2005. Business Recorder
SEA-ME-WE-3 fault: PTCL satellite backup satisfactory

June 1, 2005. Financial Times
Long wait on the line for sell-off

May 28, 2005. Daily Times
US citizenship of a Muslim now meaningless

May 17, 2005. Tech News World
Fighting Image Problem: An IT Industry Rises in Pakistan

May 11, 2005. Dawn-The Internet Edition
Bill Gates Foundation pledges $6.5 million to support health, education efforts

May 8, 2005. Dawn-The Internet Edition
KARACHI: IT sector to attract $50m investment, says minister

April 12, 2005. Business Recorder
Pak-American trader satisfied with economic growth

April 11, 2005. Associated Press of Pakistan
Five years of hard work starting to pay fast dividends: says Pervaiz Lodhie

April 11, 2005. Associated Press of Pakistan
PALC welcomes Rep. Stupak on Congressional Pakistan Caucus

April 9, 2005. Pakistan Link
Outsourcing to Pakistan Saves Millions

April 9, 2005. Focus Pakistan
Rep. Ackerman’s Move against the Spirit of Peace Process: PALC Director on GEO TV

April 9, 2005. Pakistan Link
Pakistani American Helps Turn Los Angeles Harbor Bridge into Nighttime Star

March 29, 2005. E-Commerce Times
Offshore Lessons: the Touchstone Case Study

March 28, 2005. Associated Press of Pakistan
Sparking blue lights adorn LA Harbour Bridge

March 25, 2005. The News
Pharma tycoon backs NCHD

March 21, 2005. Focus Pakistan
PALC Hosts Pakistani American Leaders at a Los Angeles Retreat

March 21, 2005. Focus Pakistan
Karachi-Born Congressman Joins the Congressional Pakistan Caucus

March 19, 2005.
Pakistan on the Road to becoming an Asian Tiger

March 16, 2005. Pakistan Link
US-Pakistan business delegation calls on PM

March 16, 2005. Pakistan Link
US-Pakistan Business Council team meets Chairman Senate

March 5, 2005. Pakistan Link
Shaukat urges private sector to invest in IT industry

March 4, 2005. Pak Tribune
PM asks investors to invest in IT instead of traditional sectors

March 4, 2005. Dawn
PM calls for investment in IT sector

March 2, 2005. E-Commerce Times
Choosing a Software Business Model: The NetSol Case Study

February 22, 2005. E-Commerce Times
Searching for IT in Karachi

February 20, 2005. Daily Times
IT-outsourcing business grows 100 percent in half year

February 15, 2005. E-Commerce Times
Karachi Awakens

February 13, 2005. Dinar Standard
Pakistan's Growing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services Market

February 7, 2005. Daily Breeze
Different shades of blue seen on San Pedro bridge

February 2, 2005. Daily Times
PTCL cuts bandwidth rates by 50% to attract investment

February 1, 2005. Business Recorder
Call centers to create 15,000 jobs in Karachi

January 31, 2005. Daily Breeze
Crowd greets bridge-lighting ceremony with cheers of joy

January 31, 2005. Los Angeles Times
San Pedro Bridge, Residents Aglow After 17-Year Campaign

January 29, 2005. Daily Times
US business team to meet President, PM in March

January 27, 2005. The News
Pakistan to become call centre activity hub

January 25, 2005. The News
Call centre moot may attract big investment

January 25, 2005. The News
Promotion of IT govt’s top priority

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