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Different shades of blue seen on San Pedro bridge

February 7, 2005. Daily Breeze




Using two companies for the lighting project has resulted in a slight color discrepancy for fixtures used on roadway and overhead cables.


Daily Breeze

Some people see it. Many don't.

Now that the Vincent Thomas Bridge lights are finally on in San Pedro, some residents believe the blue lights along the roadway are a lighter, more greenish shade than the ones outlining the overhead cables.


And they're right.


The lights were supposed to match. But they don't because the contract to buy the lights was split between two companies -- LEDtronics Inc. of Torrance and Farlight of Wilmington. And the companies use different manufacturers.


The faint color discrepancy has been mentioned "many, many, many times" by customers at Pacific Diner in San Pedro, said waitress Alrene Hanson. "Everybody says that. ... You can notice it, once somebody points it out to you."


"I have heard a couple people mention that they're slightly different," said David Lynch, owner of the Sacred Grounds coffee house, a popular downtown San Pedro hangout.


Allowing for manufacturer variations, the colors are anywhere from 5 to 10 nanometers apart in color, said Robert Tudhope, president of Farlight.


"We tried to get them exactly right, but it didn't happen," Tudhope said. "They're pretty close, but not exactly."



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