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Outsourcing to Pakistan Saves Millions

April 9, 2005. Pakistan Link




“Outsourcing to Pakistan was my best business decision” says Pervaiz Lodhie, President and CEO, LEDtronics Inc. Los Angeles.

LEDtronics Inc. [www.ledtronics.com] one of the leading firms of the LED [Light Emitting Diode] industry of today with more than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies as its clients, outsources part of it product packaging to Karachi-based Ms. Shaan Technologies, a contract manufacturing company, says that in future it plans to move more labor intensive assemblies to Karachi while maintaining parallel manufacturing in the Torrance California plant.

About 4 years ago with the global market in recession, the companies were cutting costs and looking for newer ways of trying to sustain their falling revenues and Ledtronics was riding the same boat.

LEDtronics, like many other companies, had a large pool of ‘once hot’ leads that were just filed and piled for the past years. These leads that had once originated from Ad responses, web forms, expos etc. were never given their due importance of being followed up in a timely manner as major source of revenue generation for the company - resulting in a vast collection of old, dead and cold leads.

At that time, Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie was finalizing talks with Mr. Nasser Jhumra to team up and create a Pakistan-US joint venture under their existing company, NBA Computers [www.nbacomputers.com], Karachi - a Business Process Outsourcing and Call Center company.

Now the first of its kind small BPO Company, NBA Computers, was awarded the task of re-heating LEDtronics cold leads. NBA Computers, with a unique management style and out-of-the-box thinking mixed with a systematic approach to problem-solving, maximizing efficiency and optimizing results started working on the project along with his team of dedicated and experienced experts.

Behind the scene, Mr. Nasser Jhumra, CIO, CTO and Partner, NBA Computers based in Los Angeles, USA, provided the vision for the setup with a view to the future of global outsourcing needs and also provided the key consumer/corporate US market analysis and information for the target market.

After weeks of system design, technological requirements, process flow, reporting and analysis, a plan of action was ready to put in place. Now came the most important and difficult aspect: Call Center Agent Training. Since a project of this nature had not been attempted in Pakistan, there were no experienced agents available.

To develop the right skill set, script and approach, they started making initial calls. With every call they made and the type of response received, they knew better on how they could modify the approach and hence improving performance and progress to a final script development. Once this process was carefully completed and recorded, a detailed approach along with a script and devised agent training plan was discussed with the Call Center Supervisors and the agent training began. After six weeks of through training, the project was finally underway.

In the first month, the project received an 8% response rate with an increased order amount nearing $9000. The team at NBA Computers knew they could do better. By the third month the response rate had increased more than twice to 18%.

Because of outsourcing of Call Center and BPO support to NBA Computers and manufacturing support to Shaan Technologies Karachi Pakistan, LEDtronics was able improve its revenues from dead untapped leads by more than $2 million dollars and managed to not only survive but grow in a recession economy.

Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie congratulated the Pakistani NBA Team of experts and Mr. Nasser Jhumra, for achieving high standards of excellence in the on-going services being provided to LEDtronics, Inc. from Pakistan.

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