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Pak-American Businessman to Improve US-Pakistan Trade Relations

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Mr. Shahid Naeem, CEO of Access Group International (AGI), is to launch the Pakistan Trade and Business Development Center, which will serve to facilitate and improve trading activity between the US and Pakistan.

After learning that currently less than 0.2 % of US imports come from Pakistan, Access is offering small and medium sized businesses based in Pakistan a “One-Stop-Shop” of the following services in the United States: Pakistan Display Center, executive suites, business incubators, marketing services, custom clearance, warehousing and freight-forwarding services.

All services are to be tailored to the individual needs of businesses, enabling Pakistani companies to successfully meet the challenges of exporting to, and marketing in, the United States - from getting ready to getting paid.

The Access Group International looks forward to serving as a vital intermediary - via its Trade and Business Development Center - between the United States and Pakistan.

Mr. Naeem is a well-respected businessman in the Pakistani-American community and was recently honored with the “Businessman of the Year” award for 2003 by the National Business Advisory Council.

AGI is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA and is working closely with the Pakistani Consulate’s Commercial Consul, Mr. Tariq Bajwa, as well as the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and other governmental and private agencies.

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