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Pehli Kiran Project (First Ray of Light)
Poverty Alleviation through Solar Powered LED Technology

Solar Powered White LED Lights Installation Report
NRSP Village of Markhal. Tehsil Talagang, District Chakwal, Punjab

July 5, 2006

Prepared by:

Altaf Hussain
Programme Officer Environment and
Natural Resource Management
NRSP Rawalpindi Hub Office

A Joint Venture Project of Pervaiz Lodhie/LEDtronics Inc. USA and National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) Pakistan

About Project
NRSP has carried out a project on renewable energy with the close collaboration of LEDtronics, Inc, USA. LEDtronics is the manufacturer of Solar Energy Panels, Pumps, Lights and relevant parts etc. The LED-lightening project named under Mr.Pervaiz Lodhie’s effort “Pehli Kiran”. The president of LEDtronics, Inc, USA, Mr.Pervaiz Lodhie donated the following components of solar energy to NRSP:

1. SLR-PNL-25W
2. SLR-Controller-002
3. S1003-LXW-01W
4. PAR20-66-4CW-014-MW
5. Solar water purification device

These products are now utilized for non-profit poverty alleviation purposes in the rural community organization of NRSP.

Talagang Field Unit
Established in 1995, this Field Unit works in Talagang sub-division of District Chakwal, which has 21 union councils with 94 revenue villages. The total locations in this area are 1,378 and the approximate number of households is 41,347. The total rural population of Talagang is 275,816. The programme is being introduced in 21 union councils of Tehsil Talagang. The topography of the area is rain-fed (Barani) so lift irrigation schemes are more helpful to support the agriculture and livestock of the community. The poverty profile of the area contains 40% poor, 56% very poor people and remaining falls in the categories of better off and well to do.

Description and Selection of the area
Field visits were arranged for the installation of Solar Powered White LED lights. For this purpose the NRSP’s team members visited the different locations. They selected village Murkhal of Tehsil Talagang after visiting different areas. The village Murkhal is at the distance of 42 km from Talagang, selected for the installation of Solar Powered White LED lights. The reason of selection is the community of village Murkhal that is marginalized and therefore deserves for this developmental activity. The village comprises of 450 households and there is no development done by the Govt. or other development agencies or NGOs. The village Murkhal is very backward and neglected area even the electricity facility is still not available.

Solar energy or the sunlight is the primary source of light on earth. Now a day’s scientists have been succeeded in converting this solar light into different forms of energy i.e. electrical energy.
The reported project “Pehli Kiran” is the good example for the use of solar energy as electrical energy. This project is the co-intervention of NRSP and LEDtronics, Inc, USA. The main objective of this LED-lightening project is to provide the facility of light to those villages where electricity facility is still not available.

Agreement between NRSP and COs members:
NRSP’s team members met the community members and discussed the details of installation and maintenance of these solar lights. During the discussion about LED Lights members of three COs were present (Two Male COs, one women CO). Mr. Altaf discussed in detail with community members of village Murkhal about the Solar LED lights installation and its benefits. These bulbs can illuminate for 4-6 hours per day for approximately 3 days per battery charge. The response from Community members of village Murkhal was very enthusiastic for installation of these Solar Powered White LED lights systems in selected 28 homes. Each system consisted of 4 high power LED bulbs of about 60-80 lumens light output per LED bulb.

The following points were included in the Terms of Partnership (TOP) with the community members:
• Solar project committee has formed to look after the project.
• Every beneficiary of solar lights has deposit Rs. 1000/- initially in joint COs account.
• Every user will deposit Rs. 150 per month for two years in Joint account.
• The maintenance of solar lights will be the whole responsibility of COs/project committee and maintenance process will be conducted through joint account opened by COs.
• In case of provision of electricity by WAPDA, the community will return the solar light units to NRSP.

Response from community:
NRSP’s team members visited the 28 houses of the villagers provided with Solar LED lights. The villagers/community members are very happy after the installation of these solar lights. The list of the villagers who are benefited by these solar lights are given below:

List of Items used during the installation process:

1. Board with four switches - 30
2. Wire 7/.029 size 45 meter - 30
3. Two core wire 7/.29 meter 5 meter - 30
4. Duct patti 40 feet - 30
5. Iron pole size 6 feet - 30
6. Frame - 30
7. Board, Bulb Holder - 30
8. Bolt screw etc installation tap - 30
9. Battery terminal - 30
10. Solar panel frame - 30
11. Frame bracket & pole U clamps - 30
12. Battery leads +ve & -ve terminals - 30
13. Plane washers for pole - 30
14. Wire connector - 30
15. Installation Charges - 30
16. Low maintenance battery - 30

List of beneficiaries Households
(Name of Household Head - Parantage)

1. Ghulam Muhammad - S/O Sonda Khan
2. Salekheen - S/O Ghulam Yaseen
3. Muhammad Jan - W/O Noor Zaman
4. Raza Muhammad - S/O Hayat Muhammad
5. Ghulam Sakina - W/O Ghulam Muhammad
6. Satt Bharai - W/O Ghulam Muhammad Din
7. Ahmad khan - S/O Noor Khan
8. Munawer Sultana - W/O Atta Muhammad
9. Fida Hussain - S/O Khuda Baksh
10. Bakht Bano - W/O Khuda Baksh
11. Naseem Muhammad - S/O Taj Muhammad
12. Sirajuddin - S/O Salekheen
13. Bulqees begum - W/O Muhammad Rafique
14. Nazar Muhammad - S/O Ghos Muhammad
15. Akbar Khan - S/O Misri Khan
16. Ghulam Sakina - W/O Noor Muhammad
17. Sarfaraz Khan - S/O Allah Ditta Khan
18. Nayaz Begum - W/O Ghulab Khan
19. Saeed Muhammad - S/O Sher Muhammad
20. Gul Jehan - W/O Akbar Khan
21. Maqbool Hussain - S/O Haji Suba Khan
22. Muhammad Iqbal - S/O Haji Suba Khan
23. Muhammad Jan - W/O Altaf Hussain
24. Fazal Ilahi - S/O Sardar Ali
25. Saleem Akhter - S/O Nak Muhammad
26. Nazar Muhammad - S/O Ghos Muhammad

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