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Transportation Security Administration:

Traveler Identity Verification Program


Told that you are on a Federal Government Watch List?

TSA agents looking at clipboardProblems printing your boarding pass at the kiosk or from home? Experience other delays while checking-in for flights?

Our Office of Transportation Security Redress is here to help with our new Traveler Identity Verification Program.

Why am I having these problems?

TSA and the airlines are required to check and confirm that you are properly identified prior to your flight for safety and security. You may experience inconveniences when you present your identification during check-in due to mistaken identity or incorrect information. Our Traveler Identity Verification Program works with the relevant parties (including airlines) to resolve any inaccuracies or inconsistencies that may have resulted in misidentifications.

Am I on the No-Fly List?!

If you receive a boarding pass, you are not on the No-Fly List. Most commonly, passengers who are told that they are on the No-Fly List have, in fact, a similar name to an individual on the Watch Lists.

What do I need to do?

You are invited to participate in the TSA Traveler Identity Verification Program by completing and returning the following information to TSA:

  • Traveler Identity Verification Form (WORD 145 KB)

  • A copy of your U.S. passport OR

  • Copies of three of the following:
    o Driver’s License
    o Birth Certificate
    o Voter Registration
    o Military ID Card
    o Visa
    o Naturalization Card
    o Government ID Card

How does TSA review my information?

Your submission is reviewed to determine if the delays are caused by mistaken identity or incorrect information. TSA will respond to you in writing and provide air carriers with your identifying information to help properly identify you at check-in and expedite your future travel.

I participated in the Traveler Identity Verification Program, but I’m still experiencing problems.

Airline check-in procedures must still be followed. We currently distribute the Watch Lists to the airlines, who compare your reservation information to the Watch Lists prior to your flight. The airlines use varying procedures and technology to conduct this comparison, which could inadvertently lead to continued delays.

We are developing a program called Secure Flight to enhance the security of air travel in the U.S. while reducing security-related delays for the traveling public. It will allow the federal government, instead of individual airlines, to compare passenger data against the Watch Lists prior to check-in at the airport, while fully protecting privacy and civil liberties.

Our goal going forward is to ensure travelers' security with minimal disruptions.

Please note that you will be subject to screening procedures at the checkpoint. Every passenger will still walk through a metal detector, their carry-on bags will still be X-rayed, and every checked bag will still be screened for explosives. Additionally, you may be randomly selected at the airline counter or upon arrival at the checkpoint for secondary screening.

We will continue to work with travelers to minimize any unnecessary delays. We will continue to look at process and technology improvements to ensure a safe and efficient travel experience.

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