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THE Worlds Top Stock Market Is Pakistan.

November 2002

The nine-member MSCI Pakistan Index has soared by 106 percent through Friday, outperforming the 50 countries tracked by Morgan Stanley Capital International; a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley that provides widely followed benchmark indices. In contrast, the U.S. is down 18 percent, China, 11 percent and Taiwan, 21 percent. India has been flat. South Korea is up 17 percent and Thailand, 27 percent. Pakistan has far outpaced even the second best global market, the Czech Republic, up more than 46 percent year-to-date. Colombia ranks third, with 29 percent while Hungary and South Africa round out the top five, at 27.4 percent and 21 percent, respectively. The reason for the Pakistan's triple-digit gain is "entirely geopolitical," said Andrew Clark, senior research analyst at financial data firm Lipper. "It's the impact of the U.S. on Pakistani policy and (President Pervez Musharraf) moving in line with the U.S. government." (Deborah Adamson for CBS.MarketWatch.com)
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