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Karachi High School Launches Website

Karachi, 22nd October 1999: The Karachi High School (KHS) recently launched a comprehensive website for students and parents. This is yet another step the school has taken to promote computer literacy amongst their students as well as further enhancing the schools' standard of education.


The website, www.khs.edu.pk offers various links to educational sites along with school related information. Both, children and parents can browse and find links of their interest which range from the school's hotline to a complete rundown on the institutions' current activities. Respective grade syllabi, faculty and administration information and academic achievements are just some of the few links featured on this attractive and comprehensive web page. The hotline is of particular convenience as parents can send in their queries regarding any school matter and their questions will be answered via the same channel. This not only facilitates better communication but also gives parents the assurance that the school is attentive to parental involvement.


KHS is amongst the few schools that encourage students from the mere age of five to get familiar with the computer. Keeping in mind the importance of computer knowledge in the present age, KHS is determined to make all their students well versed in this field. "We are a laboratory where ideas from all perspectives are developed, tested, criticized and disseminated to the wider world. Our mission is to impart the best possible education which not only make our children outstanding students but also exceptional and capable human beings," said Parveen Kassim, Founding Member and Principal, Karachi High School. "Through the introduction of computers and now the launch of our web page, we hope to educate our students more thoroughly in this field by making learning an enjoyable and smooth process," she added.


Mohsin Iqbal, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan, was also present at the launch ceremony and offered his full support to the endeavor. "This is the first step towards e-education and Intel is an avid supporter of promoting computer awareness at all levels. In order to be prepared for the approaching century, it is imperative that we make our children familiar with not only the computer but also the ever expansive Internet." KHS, a co-educational institute with about 750 children was founded in 1985. It follows both the Matric and Cambridge system of teaching with grades from Kindergarten to O'Levels. Founded with the aim to impart the best education, KHS has steadily been building on those very lines.



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