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US Should Grasp Pakistan's Potential in Global Economic Recovery
By: Pervaiz Lodhie

Pakistan has always been one of the most resource-rich countries of the world but it has paid a heavy price for being the most loyal ally of the United States for over 50 years. Instead of being ungrudgingly appreciated for its unflinching loyalty, it is constantly pressured to 'do more'.  Pakistan's losses on this count have been phenomenal: the country has lost over 34 billion dollars and suffered colossal damage to its infrastructure, cities and peaceful way of life.

Twice the United States' failed policy and lopsided actions in Afghanistan have compounded Pakistan's problems. Yet, the refrain remains the same: 'Do more'! Many well-meaning initiatives on several developmental fronts - education, poverty alleviation, and industrial growth - have resultantly scuttled before they could gather momentum.

There are manifest indications that global economic recovery is to begin in South Asia and China where most US and European multinationals already own many companies. The 3 billion population of the region is mostly poor. But it can easily transform into 3 billion new consumers. With a stable and healthy Pakistan, South Asia and China could dramatically alter the world's fortunes turning current economic reverses into precipitous gains. It was time Pakistan's potential as a catalyst for wholesome global change is realized and Islamabad is given the same level of economic assistance as Egypt and Israel.

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